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Although we allocate much of our time and expertise in the Equity Release market, we also provide whole of market advice on residential first charge mortgages and re-mortgages. 
From first time buyers to more experienced home movers, T.B. Mortgage Services aims to guide you through the mortgage maze and tailor a product & provider that fits you, perfectly.
Your adviser will hold the Advanced certificate in mortgage advice and practice (Adv CeMAP) as well as the diploma in financial planning (DipPFS) to ensure you receive thorough, professional advice.
Equity Release
On average, people are living longer than ever before and regularly spend 20 years or more in retirement. This should be a time to reap the rewards of a lifetimes work and turn minds to more enjoyable events. This could include spending more time with children & grandchildren, going on holidays, a new car, caravan or holiday home. Maybe your home is in need of repair or improvement and you just haven't got the capital to invest.

Interest only dilemma?
Many people in retirement still have outstanding mortgages or loans secured on their property. Whilst monthly repayments were managable when working, they may now have become a burden as most peoples income drops by at least one third once they retire. Some, have interest only mortgages but no repayment vehicle such as an endowment plan or ISA with which to repay the capital. If the mortgage is nearing the end of the term, some lenders are demanding repayment of the loan in full and Equity Release might provide a useful alternative option. There are still interest only mortgages available for people at or nearing retirement. If you can afford it and wish to continue making monthly payments, just give us a call to discuss your options.

Purchasing a new home?

You may wish to purchase a new home. The word 'DOWNSIZING' is often used where people sell their current home which has probably been the family home for many years and could now be difficult to maintain due to the size of the house or gardens. In theory and to use an example, this could mean selling a three or four bedroom house for £300,000 and purchasing a two bedroom bungalow for £200,000. This means you're able to free up £100,000 to spend on whatever you like as an alternative to Equity Release. If and when you do run out of funds you can always look at your Equity Release options on the new property.

However, 'DOWNSIZING' doesn't automatically mean a cheaper alternative. Many clients want to move from city or urban areas to the countryside or seaside towns and resorts. Quite often, property in these areas come at a premium as they are in such high demand. So, to use the above example again, if you sold the family home for £300,000 and the property you are downsizing to is for sale at £350,000, why not consider using equity release on to fund the £50,000 shortfall?

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You may wish to help your children or grandchildren get their foot on the home buying ladder by providing them with a deposit for a house purchase. Due to the past 'CREDIT CRUNCH', your family may have had or still be experiencing financial difficulty and you might want to give them a helping hand.
Unlock the potential in your home.
Many people in retirement are asset rich but have a low income level due to insufficient pension & investment provision. They are also realising they want to live for now and make the most of their lives whilst still active and able to do so.
At T.B. Mortgage Services we'd be happy to help you and discuss your options - over the phone or in person. Find out exactly what Equity Release can do for you and discover the hidden cash you can tap from your existing home.
T.B. Mortgage Services aims to take the mystery out of Equity Release products and explain them in straight forward, easy to understand terms.
Whatever your financial situation, we'll help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals. It would be our pleasure to serve you.
An excellent booklet is available from the Money Advice Service called Equity Release Schemes 'Raising money from your home.' You can download this by visiting www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk or call them on 0800 1387777 to order a copy by post.
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